Inventive Thinking For Average Joe

Everything you need for great ideas is already there

It all starts with the question: How do you think inventive?

  1. Humans cannot create anything from scratch, no new base color, no new physical element, no new genetic base, no new tone, no new light wave. But we have the amazing power to combine everything that is out there to something new — and — to something meaningful.
  2. Ideas in our brain are super simple. It’s a connection of experiences or sensations. You saw two things, a dog and a fish, bumm you create a fishdog. You saw a piece of wood swim on the water — bumm you create a boat. You see metal sheet sink in water but a metal cup that displaces water because of the air in the cup stay afloat — bumm you invent a steel boat. You see a drop of gasoline explode on an old waggon, pushing the waggon back; and experimented with gasoline before pushing a piston back and forth — bumm you invent an automobile.
  3. Humans creates on average about 20,000 + ideas in their lives. Times 7.5 billion people equates to 15 Trillion ideas. So ideas are abundant. So many that they have no value. HOWEVER — if one takes one of those ideas and talks about it with a few other people and three get really fascinated, the reward system of our brain does something extraordinary: It triggers the urge to actually make the idea a reality. Our neocortex the front side of our brain, has given us something that is called imagination. We can imagine — dream about as if it is a reality. And if we can see it we can — with 100% certainty — make it a reality.
  4. So if we have so many ideas that are all of no value, yet so much cool stuff was created and made so many entrepreneurs rich, where is the disconnected? Most people, 99.99% keep their idea as a secret so nobody can steal it. Not knowing that this is the end of the idea. And 0.007% of all humans — who are living entrepreneurs today, decided something else: They shared their idea with many others, some so excited that they joined to form a company, others to help by being a first customer and turned their idea into reality.
  5. And there are a few magic tricks to polish an idea to perfection: Talk to customers until you no longer have a voice. Then construct the most perfect solution no matter what it cost, no matter how long it would take and no matter what physical laws you need to ignore. The perfection method is actually the hardest because you need to stop your intelligence for a few moments. Then you take your ideal and build a more realistic version — never skipping the ideal model.
  6. Now — think about this very simple process. Every single piece of non naturally existing thing was first seen, then imagined, then created by a human. Then we produced multiple copies because somebody envisioned machines that can build more than one piece, And so everything we have today, was based on that process: Houses, Furniture, Glass, Cars, TV, Internet, Power Plants, Farms, Water pipes, Toys — absolutely everything without a single exception.
  7. All together: a) We are not really-really creative. b) Ideas are created by combining all kinds of experiences to something new. c) We create so many ideas — that we do not need more ideas. d) We sharpen our ideas by discussing all aspects, construct the perfect version and make it real in the end. e) What really makes your idea valuable is to share it, form a team and make it a reality. e) The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is everything that humans ever created.




CEO BlueCallom, Chair World Innovations Forum. Working on the bleeding edge of Neuro Ideation and Neuro Innovation Management. Building Innovation Software

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Axel Schultze

Axel Schultze

CEO BlueCallom, Chair World Innovations Forum. Working on the bleeding edge of Neuro Ideation and Neuro Innovation Management. Building Innovation Software

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